Perel Media Improves Quality of Life

We provide life skills & training resources and job opportunities to the Autism Community.

Perel Media’s founders have decades of first-hand experience teaching and working with individuals on the Autism Spectrum. This community is growing rapidly, with 1 in 60 now diagnosed with Autism. It is long beyond the time for society to accept this dynamic and work toward acceptance, inclusion, and acknowledgment.


“1 in 59 Children are Diagnosed with Autism”
Identified Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder


“48.6% of individuals on the Autism Spectrum experience depression in their lifetime and the higher the IQ, the more likely this will occur.”
Prevalence of Depressive Disorders in Individuals with Autism


“85% of college graduates with Autism are unemployed.”
The Tricky Path to Employment is Tricker When You’re Autistic

Perel Media has a Multi-Faceted Autism Community Outreach:

Perel Media provides access to learning job skills that include the Adobe Suite, including Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver, Flash, and After Effects.

It is imperative for young adults on the Autism Spectrum to learn the life skills needed to work in groups, socialize, and cooperate in order to lead full and meaningful lives.

With both nationwide and international clients, Perel Media opens up the globe to the Autism Community to help forge expansive professional relationships.

Perel Media Has Established Autism Advocacy Relationships

Our Team has contributed to and/or collaborated with the following organizations: