Polygon Golf Swing Trainer

Polygon Golf is a website to raise Series A money for a revolutionary golf swing training device that the pros will turn to. The Polygon Golf Swing Trainer transforms into both 30° and 60° positions. Due to the success of the principal instructor’s students, the website is now benefiting by eCommerce in 155 countries.

The Perel Media Team designed, branded, and created a sophisticated interface that is encrypted and cannot be hacked nor downloaded.

“Due to Perel Media’s hard work and dedication, the results that we’ve experienced are beyond our wildest dreams. Website traffic and video sales have increased, and it’s pretty hard to imagine, but because of website marketing, people are now flying in from all over the world for personal lessons. Thanks a million, Perel Media.”
~ Polygon Golf Founder

ClientPolygon GolfServicesBranding, Copywriting, Fx Videos, Graphic Design, Pitch Deck, WebsiteYear2020LinkPolygonGolf.com


Golf Pro Product Demos.

The Perel Team went above the call of duty to ensure that Polygon Golf could demonstrate and showcase its product in order to raise Series A investments. This includes a full online animated flipbook pitch deck.


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Private Coaching

Hear it straight from the coach.

GLA has a fully functional user interface so that Golfers can attend live streaming sessions with the company's head instructor. This state of the art technology allows viewers to ask questions during live webcasts.

Golf Lessons on the Go

Golfers Can Improve Their Game Right on the Green!

Privacy Preference Center

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