DaniKelly.com is an online bio for a professional Actor, Stunt Person, and On-Camera Personality. The site hosts photos, a performance reel, press releases, recommendations, and resume.

Perel Media extensively interviewed this client for business goals, favorite colors, financial objectives, and artistic interpretation and seamlessly branded her in order to secure substantial increases in production activity and cash flow.

“After I had my website redone, I received so many compliments from people I work with in the entertainment industry and I definitely started booking more work. Everything is gorgeous and professional and it is at another level compared to what it was before. I love it!”
~ Danielle Nicole Kelly, Actor

ClientDaniKelly.comServicesArt Design, Branding, Copywriting, eCommerce, Marketing, Photography, SEO Strategy, WebsiteYear2016LinkDaniKelly.com

The Branding

Perel Media was instrumental in developing Entertainment Industry branding and a social media marketing catalyst to solidify an online presence and increase the client's bookings.

The Website

Perel Media chose an online bio and publicist approach to showcase the client's strengths and allow industry professionals to assess her qualifications and casting criteria in one place to eliminate online searches for information and contribute to increased revenues.

Stunt Person
On-Camera Personality

Privacy Preference Center

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